Education and CPD

Education and Continued Professional Development (CPD)

At the Raw Vet we are dedicated to the Science of Fresh Food Nutrition – not guesswork and ratios – and we want to show everyone why it’s so important!

You can find more about our approach by keeping an eye on our Facebook Page, our Instagram and in our Articles below! From time to time we also run courses and lectures on topics that we think might help your dog!

We also offer courses for Vets and Vet Nurses. These courses are non-biased, and are always evidence based.

Coming Soon: 

–  Digestibility  – Kibble and Fresh Foods – What is the difference?

–  What is ‘Dry Matter Basis’ and How do I calculate it?

–  Do I really need to restrict protein in Kidney Failure? 

–  Omega 3 and Arthritis – How does it Work?  

–  Protein – is all protein made equal? 

–  FEDIAF – Isn’t it made for Kibble? (no…) 

–  Got a suggestion? Drop us an email!