Raw Complete for Large Breed Puppies


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Raw Complete for Large Breed Puppies

Optimal nutrition in puppies is vital to ensure they develop correctly. Our Puppy recipe is formulated to meet (or exceed) FEDIAF nutritional guidelines for growth, and we have taken extra care to make sure that minerals and other important nutrients like DHA and EPA (omega 3!) are balanced perfectly to support neurological development and learning.

Science has shown us that puppies (especially large breeds) are unable to regulate their calcium absorption as well as an adult dog making them more vulnerable to diets that are too high in bone and calcium than their adult counterparts. Their rapid rate of growth means that this excessive calcium can cause abnormal bone and cartilage development resulting in lifelong joint disease, so we know it’s VITAL we get it right whilst our large breed puppies are growing.

Composition: Chicken with Bone 51%, Free Range Pork 14%, Beef Offal 11% (Liver, Kidney, Spleen), Brocolli, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Crude Wheatgerm, Wild Salmon Oil, Kelp, Spirulina. Nutritional Additives per kg: Natural Vitamin E 144mg, Zinc Picolinate 138mg (27.6mg Zinc)

More Information on Our Ingredients

We use the whole animal – not just the trim – meaning that our product nutritional analysis is as consistent as possible to avoid tummy upsets.

Our Wild Salmon Oil has a guaranteed DHA and EPA analysis, and is regularly tested for heavy metal toxins to make absolutely sure that your puppy is not consuming anything harmful.

Telephone Advice from Veterinary Surgeons:

Our vet-line is manned by vets and veterinary nurses. This means you can trust that advice you get will be appropriate and accurate.

Nutritional Breakdowns:

Nutritional content of our foods is calculated using nutrition profiles of each ingredient. We use the same sources and the same cuts of meat to ensure that our product is consistent from batch to batch.

What are the ‘additives’ ?

Zinc is vital for cell division (growth) so puppies have a much higher requirement for zinc than adult dogs. Many products fail to meet this need and may put puppies at risk of growth stunting and poor skin and gut barriers. We use a gentle, well absorbed and highly bioavailable source of Zinc (picolinate) in our food, and unlike many processed products we will never use cheap sources your dog may struggle to use (Oxides or Sulphates).

What is the ‘picolinate bit?’ – It’s ‘Picolinic Acid’ – just a little lump of the protein component Tryptophan that is useful for holding onto Zinc so that we can add it more easily. Nothing scary – promise!

D-alpha tocopherol – Natural Vitamin E from vegetable oil – a powerful antioxidant to prevent cell damage. It also prevents cell damage in the tub before you feed it ensuring your dog’s dinner stays in optimal condition!

Vitamin E deficiency is common in both animals and humans and can increase the chances of developing degenerative diseases and cancer so it’s vital that there was enough to protect both your dog, and his dinner!

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