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The Raw Vet Story – Dr Charlotte Gray MA hons VetMB MRCVS

We need a Fresh alternative to Prescription Kibble

Science has shown us that particular medical conditions in dogs (and their human companions!) can be managed with nutritional modifications. In many cases these changes improve quality and length of life, and in many cases reduce the need for medication or other treatments. 

Until now, when medical conditions like Kidney Failure were diagnosed in dogs and cats, the only products on offer were kibble or tins made by Hills or Royal Canin. This posed a problem for me… . 


When My Own pets got Sick…. 

Maddie is my own 16 year old lurcher. I have had her since university and now she has kidney failure.

Rodney is my 8 year old Leonberger – he has elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

Norman is my 11 year old Bernese Newfoundland Cross – he had a weight problem! 

All are raw fed, and none of them would touch the prescription products already on the market for Kidney Disease, Osteoarthritis or Weight Loss….

So I started to make clinically formulated food for my own dogs in my own kitchen that met the existing veterinary nutritional guidelines for the conditions they had. The results were excellent.

Happy dogs eating fresh, optimal, scientifically formulated raw food


Maddie had the reduced phosphorus, increased omega 3 and supplementary B vitamins she needed to support her kidney function and extend her life.

Rodney has the Therapeutic  (anti-inflammatory) levels of Omega 3 that are proven reduce the requirement for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like carprofen (Rimadyl) along with additional antioxidants and herbs.

Norman has successfully lost weight thanks to the accurate calorie count and intelligent feeding guide, and is supported by a formulation that ensures plenty of vitamins and minerals despite eating less – WITHOUT the need for depressing high fibre kibble, and WITHOUT feeling hungry. 


I know that my dogs and I are not alone. 


There are millions of dogs in the same position – who need fresh, tasty food that STILL meets all their clinical needs. 

So the Raw Vet was born!

The Raw Vet is dedicated to producing fresh raw and cook-at-home products that meet Veterinary Clinical Guidelines that your dog will love so that you can confidently support their medical needs WITHOUT compromising on freshness and quality!