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Veterinary Formulation Services 

Dr Charlotte Gray MA hons VetMB MRCVS at Companion NUtrition (Founder of the Raw Vet Ltd)


For pets with multiple medical conditions, or with challenging requirements that cannot be met by a pre-existing product, a Clinically Formulated Recipe that can be made at home may be the next best option. 

A bespoke formulation allows you to meet multiple sets of nutritional needs whilst still feeding a fresh raw or home-cooked diet that include foods that you know your dog will eat. Bespoke recipes for pets with medical conditions will usually require clinical history from your vet and will be formulated to FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines and Existing Veterinary Clinical Guidelines. 

Veterinary Formulation Services are now provided on the Companion Nutrition Website. If you feel that your pet needs a bespoke formulation please email to find out more. 


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