Dry Matter Calculator

Calculating nutrient levels in ‘Dry Matter’ is a useful way to compare different kinds of pet foods by ‘removing’ the moisture content.

For pets with specific needs (growth or medical conditions) this is a very useful way to check whether a pet food has the correct amount of nutrients.

You can use this calculator to help you check whether a food is suitable for your dog.

Some Common Guidelines:

Puppy foods:

Calcium content should be between 0.8-1.8%DM during growth (or 0.8-1.6%DM for large breeds in early growth).


Renal Failure:

0.2-0.5%DM Phosphorus is usually recommended.

Fat Responsive Pancreatitis:

10-15%DM fat is often recommended.


Dry Matter Percentage is used a lot by vets to help us to compare recipes to nutrient guidelines, to clinical requirements, but also just to allow us to compare one food to another.