What are we working on?

we want all dogs to have a choice

It takes time to develop the perfect product, but our aim is for every dog with a medical condition to have a fresh choice so we are working hard to develop new ‘Raw or Cook at Home’ recipes including: 

Arthritis Support 

Research has demonstrated that high levels of EPA and DHA reduce the levels of inflammatory end-products in osteoarthritis. Studies have also shown that using these high levels of omega 3 can significantly reduce the requirement for non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in dogs with osteoarthritis. Our arthritis support recipe provides these levels of EPA in every meal, along with clinically recommended levels of Vitamin C and E (antioxidant), glucosamine, chondroitin and additional herbal support from Boswellia and Milk Thistle. This product promises to reduce the number of tablets you need to get into your dog by half, and can reduce the cost of managing an arthritic dog substantially. We are extremely excited about this product, and it’s NEXT on the list thanks to our Facebook Customer Survey!

Kidney Support for IRIS Stage 3/4 

The same highly digestible whole food ingredients as our Stage 1/2 recipe , lowered phosphorus, higher omega 3 and B vitamins as the Stage 1/2 but with the slightly lowered protein that is often required to prevent acidosis and nausea in the later stages of kidney disease. 



Dermatology Support

A limited ingredient exclusion diet with clinically recommended levels of EPA, DHA, GLA, Zinc, B Vitamins and Choline to support skin barrier. 


IBD Support

A highly digestible limited ingredient exclusion diet with clinically recommended levels of EPA, B Vitamins (including B12), controlled fibre levels, and increased zinc to support immune function and promote reduced ‘leaking’ of tight junctions between gut cells.


Liver Support 

We are developing TWO products for liver support. One to support young or growing dogs with congenital liver shunts or microvascular dysplasia, and another to support dogs with degenerative liver diseases. Both will contain highly digestible sources of protein with carefully managed total protein levels. This diet will also be low in purines and suitable for pets prone to purine urolithiasis or who are on long term allopurinol for Leishmaniasis.


High Protein Weight Management

A weight management product whose focus is on supporting lean muscle mass and reducing oxidative damage with L-carnitine, increased antioxidants and vitamin E. This one will be accompanied by it’s own bespoke calculator to help your dog loose weight at a safe and steady pace. 



We know not all dog sports are the same so are developing Performance Sprint and Performance Endurance using clinical guidance for sporting and endurance dogs with carefully adjusted macronutrient profiles and additional antioxidants to aid recovery.